Cable Car Technician Training

The technicians of the cable car ensure through their activity that the cable car works well. The Schauinsland cable car must be safe for its passengers – that’s what we guarantee to the many visitors and tourists coming to us.


The service technicians check, maintain and revise the equipment regularly and also carry out minor repairs to equipment and machinery. For this, they have extensive technical knowledge. They are able to interpret electrical, electronic, hydraulic, mechanical and assembly plans of equipment, as well as to perform troubleshooting. In the stations, they pilot and monitor equipment. They are in contact with international passengers, help with the ascent and descent, and provide information on the cable car and excursions. They ensure compliance with safety provisions. In the event of an emergency, the cable car technicians react immediately and provide quick assistance.


Prerequisites: Validated vocational training in the field of electrical engineering or mechanics, with at best professional experience.
Duration of training: 1.5 – 2 years
Theoretical training: In-house training in the domains of accident prevention, emergency management (eg. breakdowns, firefighting, cable car evacuation and peer rescue) and weekly external training on the general technical and physical basis of cable cars In Innsbruck.
Practical training: Training in the fields of maintenance, transport and cable car operation.

Further information: Günter Voigt, Tel. +49 761 4511-721